Wellsboro High Alumni Association Senior Scholarships

The Wellsboro High School Alumni Association has awarded scholarships to Wellsboro High School Seniors in the Wellsboro Area School District since 1988. Scholarships are awarded each year based on the amount of contributions the Wellsboro High School Alumni Association receives from our Alumni. All graduating seniors pursuing a higher education are eligible to apply. The WASD Guidance Office at the High School assists the Alumni Council and has the Applications available at their office. The Alumni Council selected the scholarship recipients. The Council places priority on need. The Association encourages our Alumni to consider making a contribution to the WHS Alumni Scholarship Fund.

1986 Jeffrey Kaminski Williamsport Area Community College $ 500
1987 Doris Bowers Williamsport Area Community College $ 500
  Vickie Scholtz Williamsport Area Community College $ 500
1988 Christie Errico Williamsport Area Community College $2,000
1989 Michelle Kreger Susquehanna University $1,000
1990 Christopher Nowak Penn State University $1,000
1991 Jabe Warren Delaware Valley College $1,000
  Andrea Focht Westminster College $1,000
1992 Billianne Walsh Mansfield University $1,000
  Lori Daugherty University of Pittsburgh $1,000
1993 Brian Signor Mansfield University $1,000
  Jon Cox Dickinson College $1,000
1994 Carrie Gorda Westminster College $1,000
  Karin Knaus Susquehanna University $1,000
1995 Timothy Frazier Penn State University $ 500
  Sarah Hamm Penn State University $ 500
  Dale Stevens Penn State University $ 500
1996 Anne Gleason UNC-G $ 500
  Russ Maney Penn State University $ 500
  Shelly Nowak Penn State University $ 500
  Janelle Tombs Houghton College $ 500
  Barbara Keeler Lycoming College $ 500
  Marc Callahan Oberlin College $1,000
1997 Jodi Henkiel Grove City $1,000
  Amy Kimball Susquehanna University $1,000
  Steve Shettel Temple University $1,000
  Anthony Dinsmore Penn State University/Altoona $ 500
  Ryan Stanley Mansfield University $ 500
  Andrea Wood Mansfield University $ 500
1998 Joyce Brown Pennsylvania College of Technology $1,000
  Steve Champaign Pennsylvania College of Technology $1,000
1999 Andrew Borzok Elizabethtown College $1,000
  Coleen Evert Mansfield University $1,000
  Andrew Hazelton Embry-Riddle $1,000
  Dawn Kennedy Temple University $1,000
  Avonia McCreary Pennsylvania College of Technology $1,000
  Shelley Myers Mansfield University $1,000
  Laurel Olmstead Mansfield University $1,000
  Annie Shanley Bucknell University $1,000
2000 Lee Bieber Clarion University $1,000
  Alison Dillon Susquehanna University $1,000
  Adrienne Kennedy Elizabethtown College $1,000
  Jennifer Nespola Mansfield University $1,000
  Jeffrey Ryan Mansfield University $1,000
  Isaac Spencer Cornell University $1,000
  Lauren Webster Penn State University $1,000
  Amanda VanDyne Mansfield University $1,000
2001 Andrea Harman Lock Haven University $1,000
  Jared Hurlbert Drexel University $1,000
  Shelly Marshall Shippensburg University $1,000
  Melissa Mangel Penn State University $1,000
  William French Messiah College $1,000
2002 Mel Moss Mansfield University $1,000
  Michaela Shuster University of Pittsburgh $1,000
  Megan Smithgall Lehigh University $1,000
  Stephanie Hoxter Corning Community College $1,000
2003 Karen Bertsche Mansfield University $1,000
  Cynthia Daugherty Pennsylvania College of Technology $1,000
  Emily D’Ulisse University of Pittsburg $1,000
  Jessica Fleming Mansfield University $1,000
  Kathy Rogers Penn State University/Altoona $1,000
  Krystal Spencer Temple University $1,000
2004 Chase Kriner Bloomsburg University $1,000
  Amber Guertin Baptist Bible College $1,000
  Ashley Mascho Lock Haven University $1,000
  Kyle Mase Penn State University $1,000
2005 Amanda Banik Penn State University $1,000
  Erisa Bryant Colorado State University $1,000
  Anna McCarthy State University of New York $1,000
  Amanda Wimbrough Edinboro University $1,000
2006 Joshua Bailey Mansfield University $1,000
  Jodi Cleveland Elim Bible Institute $1,000
  Jeremy Hawn Penn State University $1,000
  Jena Miller Susquehanna University $1,000
  Katie Wetherbee Mansfield University $1,000
2007 Zach Adams Houghton College $1,000
  Brett Bacon Allegheny College $1,000
  Amber Borden Mansfield University  $1,000
  Tyrel Fuller  Lancaster Bible College $1,000
  Danielle Vargeson Corning Community College $1,000
2008 Nicholas Bowen Houghton College $1,000 
  Sarah Bull Mansfield University $1,000
  Brianna Erdmann Mansfield University $1,000
  Carolyn Mitchell  Bloomsburg University $1,000 
  Corvin Oberholtzer Pennsylvania College of Technology $1,000
  Katelin Peropat Susquehanna University $1,000
  Lacy Young   Lock Haven University $1,000
2009 Lindsey Copp Slippery Rock University $1,000 
  Graci Bronson Lock Haven University $1,000
  Jordyn Hazelton Lock Haven University $1,000
  Rebecca Maynard Mansfield University $1,000
  Tim Huck Mansfield University $1,000
2010 Sheena Christman Mansfield University $1,000 
  Caleb Getty Lock Haven University $1,000
  Kyle Leber Lock Haven University $1,000
  Mara Rieppel Lock Haven University $1,000
  Karli Spencer Ithaca College $1,000
2011 Kelly Hebert Pennsylvania College of Technology $1,000 
  Megan Ludlam Clarion University of Pennsylvania $1,000
  Heather Nagy Mansfield University $1,000
  Brooke Snyder Lock Haven University $1,000
  Kierra LaForge Elmira College $1,000
2012 Christina Hamblin Mansfield University $1,000 
  Keenan Strykowski Edinboro University $1,000
  Aaron Wilson Penn State University $1,000
  Partrick Parsons Houghton College $1,000
2013 Breyann Campbell Mansfield University $1,000 
  Mikayla Chilson Mansfield University $1,000
  Mitchell Snyder Lock Haven University $1,000
2014 Clarissa Hawk Alfred University $1,000 
  Julia Waters IUP $1,000
  Rachella Boyd Mansfield University $1,000
2015 Jacob Foil Charles Mansfield University $1,000 
  Shelby Wheeler Mansfield University $1,000
  Peyton Wilson Penn State University $1,000
2016 Darci Warriner MLycoming College
  Andrea Tsao Rochester University
  Haley Zuchowski Misericordia University
  Taylor Hemenway Alfred State
2017 Courtney Renninger Clarion University
  Mackenzie Chilson Mansfield University
  Allysa Boyd Penn Tech
  Natalie O’Conner Arnot Ogden

Total Students: 115 Total Scholarships Since 1986: $109,000

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